BILINGÜISMO: auxiliar de conversación/language assistant


CPR Adersa1

C/ Virgen de la Fuente s/n, Fuenteheridos, 21292, Huelva

Telephone: 959129556




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Staff Contact for Language Assistants 

Administration email:

Bilingual coordinator: 

Education Level

- Early years (age 3 to 5)

- Primary School (age 6 to 12)

- Secondary School (age 12 to 14)

Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language Assistant

Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

Information about the town and/or neighborhood

This assignment is spot between four different locations in different towns: Fuenteheridos, Castaño del Robledo, La Nava and Valdelarco. These towns are located in and near the national park of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche. These little towns are just magic: the streets, the surroundings, the customs and traditions… In the following links, you can find interesting information about them: s/servicios/centro-documentacion/publicaciones/turismo/Guiadel-Parque-Natural-Sierra-de-Aracena-y-Picos-de-Aroche-y-suentorno/

The schools in each town are small, with students from 3 to 14 years old, they are nice, kind and polite. The atmosphere and the working environment is tranquil and calm.

Aracena (the main town in this region and where auxiliares with this assignment often choose to live) is beautiful. Ringed by mountains, and overlooked by a historic castle/fort, the nature around it is incredible. Even though it is a small town, there is a lot to do: sports, shopping, concerts, hiking, theatre, art classes, etc. The cost of living is quite cheap so you can enjoy all those activities.

It is located one hour from Seville, Huelva city, the Portuguese border and the beach. In three hours, you can reach Córdoba or Granada. There are buses and car-sharing options to get around the region easily and quickly.

Besides, there are other language assistants from the USA and other countries in other schools in the area and in Huelva city that often plan activities and nights out.

The area offers lots of cultural events 

Go to the educational center/town

- Public transport timetables: 

- It is also possible and easier to share a car with other teachers from the School.

*Price from 7'90€.

There are four different locations so teachers will coordinate rides in order to get to each school on the assigned days.


Auxiliares usually choose to live in Aracena which is the biggest town in the area, and the head of the natural park of the region.

You can rent an apartment or a house, even share with other language assistants from the area.

Here are some links where you can find a place:

There are some people in the area with experience renting houses for language assistants, we can help you contact them.

It would be possible to share a house with a family from our school. We could get in contact with them and try to arrange it if you are interested.

Contact with other language assistants

We can give you the contact of previous language assistants in the area. They are lovely people who will be very happy to give you advice and share their experience. There will also be a bilingual teacher contact at each school to help with communication and any questions.

Helpful Facebook Groups:

WhatsApp groups vary from year to year however information on how to join these groups can be found in the Facebook Groups listed above. 

Previous experiences with other language assistants

Check out the video from Hannah, a previous language assistant from the USA, who lived in the area for two years:

Charlie, a language assistant from Canada, was also in the area for two years, and he shares his experience here:

Estimadas familias,

Tras la publicación de la Orden de 16 de marzo de 2021, por la que se autorizan nuevos centros bilingües, podemos anunciar que nuestro cole será un centro bilingüe a partir del próximo curso escolar.

El proceso de implementación será progresivo, de esta manera, el próximo curso 2021/22, comenzaremos con la enseñanza bilingüe en toda la etapa de la Educación Infantil y primer curso de Educación Primaria, realizándose en años posteriores un proceso de implementación natural (en el curso 2022/2023 el alumnado que cursó 1º de E.P. seguirá la enseñanza bilingüe en 2º E.P. y el alumnado de nueva incorporación de 3 años cursará la enseñanza bilingüe, y así sucesivamente).

Comenzamos esta nueva andadura con mucha ilusión.

Orden de 16 de marzo de 2021, por la que se autorizan nuevos centros bilingües
públicos para el curso 2021/2022, se autorizan como plurilingües determinados
centros bilingües, se amplía la enseñanza bilingüe a nuevas etapas educativas
en centros anteriormente autorizados como bilingües y se aprueban nuevos
ciclos bilingües de Formación Profesional en la Comunidad Autónoma de